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Artist's Statement

  I began painting after reading Winston Churchill’s charming essay, “Painting as a Pastime” wherein he prescribes painting as therapy for stress and overwork.  Since I felt stressed and overworked, I took to painting.  However, painting soon escalated from a pleasant and therapeutic pastime to full-blown obsession.

            I carry a small paint kit, known as a pochade box, with me almost always and I try to paint at least some impression every day as a sort of visual journal entry.  In order to be able to paint anytime, anywhere, I have developed my own compact painting equipment which I can set up quickly and unobtrusively.  I paint a wide range of subject matter, from agricultural to industrial and landscapes to interiors.  I frequently paint in public settings in order to include people in my paintings.

            I am fascinated by the patterns of colors and shapes in the ordinary aspects of our world.  The interplay between the abstract beauty of these patterns, the subject matter, the sensuousness of the paints and the rich variety of painting surfaces define the dimensions of my painting world.

            I try to balance these factors in each small painting in as straight forward a manner as I can within the time constraints of painting on the spot with constantly changing light and moving subject matter.  I usually finish a painting in one sitting, occasionally making minor adjustments later.

            My paintings are not for sale.

Carl Judson

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